Website crashed, Dunny AP release rescheduled to tomorrow


Hi everyone, I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience today, I assure you I read every message and email. Unfortunately when I logged in to release the Dunnys my host kept on crashing and I have only been able to fix it this evening.

To make it fair the Dunnys will release tomorrow but at the same time, that way it won’t be at a random time in the middle of the day and it will reward people who have hung in there.


Melbourne, Australia: 10am, Thursday August 4 (AEST)
San Fran, USA: 5pm, Wednesday August 3 (PDT)
NYC, USA: 8pm, August 3 (EDT)
Hong Kong: 8am, August 4 (HKT)

Once again my apologies!

Thank you

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