Woodgrove Shopping Center Appearance this weekend

What’s happening guys? This weekend I will be doing a live painting session from 11am-1pm at Woodgrove Shopping Center in Melton. We will have some of my favorite all time sneakers up on display and I will be working away on a pair of customs while answering all questions sneakers so if you are in the area make sure to drop on down and say hi.

To go along with this and the Ninja Turtles events happening in the Center I have created a range of customs specifically designed around the Turtles characters that the Center will be giving away to some lucky patrons. Make sure to follow Woodgrove on Instagram @woodgrovesc and keep up to date for details on how to enter. Now onto the customs!

The Ninja Turtles

There is so much to work with when creating a custom based on the Ninja Turtles but I decided to stick with what makes them iconic. The heel panels of this Nike Dunk Low feature their Turtle shell print with their green skin color laced over the midpanel and toe. The toebox is painted to represent their chest plate and each Swoosh is a different color, 1 for each of the Turtles. Finally to wrap this bad boy up I included the famous Ninja Turtles Logo on the heel for a little more detail and a clean finishing touch.

A crowd favorite even though he is a bad guy everyone liked Bebop. The design is on a Jordan X and features his signature colorway. The pink and black panels are structured to represent his pants and pig skin color, the skull on the toebox is from his bone necklace and the heel panel is painted like his shoulder pads. Included in the design is a rad pair of 3M laces and a few of my favorite patterns to paint like my speckle fade.



The iconic Shredder is the third character in my Ninja Turtles series and these Dunk Lows feature his signature Purple and Chrome colorway. Mixed in with my Carnage print and the Shredder helmet these are designed in a way so that you could almost imagine him wearing them.

I will be painting a pair of Converse Chucks in a Krang theme live at the event so if you are in town make sure to stop buy and goodluck to everyone who enters the impending competition to score the shoes!


1 thought on “Woodgrove Shopping Center Appearance this weekend

  1. how do i order a pair or have a pair done?

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