Roctopus Bubblegum Edition

What’s happening guys? As promised I have finally completed the third and final run of my self produced resin Rocktopus characters. Are they perfect? Nope. Are there bubbles? A couple. Did I at least paint them myself? You can bet your life on it that I did! Regardless of any perceived imperfections don’t be all snobby about it; they just give these little guys more ‘character’ and they aren’t ‘that bad’.

This Bubblegum edition has a run of only 3 pieces and will be available exclusively through my webstore this week, release details below

Melbourne, Australia (AEST) 12PM, Friday January 6th
San Francisco, USA (PDT) 5PM, Thursday January 5th
New York, USA (EST) 8PM, Thursday January 5th
Hong Kong (HKT) 9AM, Friday January 6th


1 Piece per order, orders of multiples will be cancelled

2 thoughts on “Roctopus Bubblegum Edition

    1. Hi mate, thanks for the comment, I haven’t seen that before, little bit on the rude size haha, bold to say the least

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