Bape Supreme


I have been buying Bape since around 2006, it was always a label I connected with when I was younger but recently have found myself back involved with. Not all their recent collabs, some are lazy but their apparel, for me at least, has taken another positive turn and that lead me to make this custom.

Last year I made a pair of Bapemos Air Max 90s dedicated to the Duck Camo 90 which released about 6 months prior and I had the random inspiration last week to do something similar, today its the Supreme Dunk SB inspired Bape Supreme.

The custom carries the same colour blocking as the original SB however instead of cement print the shoes upper has been laced out with Bape Camo. I customized these for fun and because I thought they would look great, as such, there is only 1 pair available and they are an 8US. You can find them on my webstore right now if you are interested with this link.

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