Codename Sneakerhead

codename-sneakerhead-1Hey guys! I have been wanting to customize more toys lately to keep the variety up and this is an idea I have had for years and finally managed to execute.

Codename Sneakerhead started off as a design I was going to create dedicated to a specific sneaker or collaboration. Instead of that I kept the basic concept of the design, the Swoosh eyes and the shoelace hair and incorporated these aspects into a more traditional western vinyl custom of mine. I am really happy with the outcome, the details all seemed to fall together when I started sketching and anytime I can use Pink/Blue as my base colorway you know I am a happy man.


Hope you guys like this custom too, he is painted onto an 8″ Kidrobot MUNNY and if you are so inclined he is now up for sale on my webstore HERE.



2 thoughts on “Codename Sneakerhead

  1. Hey man! Just bought your 5″ Kidrobot ” Codename Unkown” and wanted to get to know your art. Love how you create such detail and juxtaposition your patterns.. creates unique looking characters..
    How do you make the outlines so thin and look so clean?

    1. Hi Martin, thanks mate! I use a 00 brush, no particular brand and just take my time. Just patience and practice are the key!

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