Sekure D x WNDRR

What’s happening everyone? Really excited to share with you today a collaboration project we have kept quiet for quite a while now. The Melbourne based label WNDRR was started in early 2016 by my good mate Steve Kirby. We go back about 15 years, I won’t go into the details of the night we met but what matters is that we got along straight away because of our mutual appreciation of street art and hip hop. Fast forward 15 years and I don’t think either of us would really have expected to have such long lasting and diverse careers in street wear but here we are!

Steve and I have tried to work on an apparel collaboration a few times in the past but if you follow my work you know, lets be honest, that this isn’t 2006 and my bright, pop art and graffiti styled aesthetic isn’t exactly ‘on-trend’ in the streetwear scene at the moment. So we waited until I had the idea to create a simplistic yet clearly identified design that would tie back into something from our childhoods that all 80s and 90s kids could appreciate.


I loved Arcades, I am so sad that kids these days don’t have them, at least not like I remember them, a room full of bright lights and machines that push out tickets is not an arcade. Arcades were one of my happy places and Sega were a pioneer in the golden age with games such as Virtual Fighter 2, House of the Dead, Jurassic Park and of course Daytona. The Sega Mega Drive was also the first gaming console I put my own money into buying as a kid and because my parents were awesome they let me buy Mortal Kombat, a game to this day I still play regularly. This Tee is something I want to wear and Steve was awesome enough to agree to make it. Hopefully you guys can find a connection to it as well and it brings you a little bit of fun nostalgia. To pick one up for yourself please visit the WNDRR site.

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