PLT Coolie High x Sekure D


What’s happening guys? I broke out my airbrush this week and got to work on a new soft vintl toy, the Coolie High designed by the one and only PLT!

This dude and his dog are sporting a face not even a mother could love but I am stoked with how they have come together. Using a combination of matte and metallic pink/purple/candy red generously supplied by the good people at Jacquard and then finished off with some Bone and Black highlights. Finished with a glossy varnish this guy is sitting pretty on my shelf but is now looking for a new home.

(click to enlarge)

This bad boy will release on my webstore this coming week, check below for time zone conversions

Melbourne, Australia: 8pm Tuesday April 4th

New York, USA: 6am Tuesday April 4th

Tokyo, Japan: 7pm Tuesday April 4th

Hong Kong: 6pm, Tuesday April 4th

Good luck everyone, I am really enjoying using the airbrush and painting up these guys so expect more in the near future!

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