Custom ID4 Casio G-Shock GA100

Hi guys! This weekend I am providing my ID Service at Sneakercon Melbourne on behalf of G-Shock! I will be exclusively doing watch band IDs for anyone who comes to the event and wants to have a little something added to their watch on the day. To make the appearance a little more special I have customized three watches to match some of my all time favorite custom sneakers. The first up is this GA100 design inspired by my ID4 Dunk.

The fade I have worked on over the years provides the foundation of the design moving through three shades of blue with contrasted black lettering to tie in the colors on the band and watch face. I am so stoked with how these came out, I have wanted to do custom watches for a really long time and have worked on a process that really helps the paint bond so these can be worn. To see the watch in person and have a chat come find me at the G-Shock booth Saturday, I will be there all day! (That way I dont have to worry about walking around too much and spending money haha)

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