Custom Paragon Casio G-Shock DW-6900

Back at it again with another Casio G-Shock custom, this time I have brought back to life my Paragon design on the DW-6900! The Paragon P-Rod was always one of my favorite customs, it was a pain because I painted all those tiny embossed R’s one by one but the result of the pink bubble fade really worked well back with the black and white.

I think the key call out here too was that back 10-12 years ago when I originally made these, customs were anything but common and when they were made it was most often a remake or remix of an existing design. There was only a small community of us on Sole Collector and Sneaker Freaker actually making original art customs and these were one of the ones that helped me really start to stand out. I am proud to say I still own them because of how much I like them and I think the design has translated really well to the watch.

The G-Shock features a 5 color pink bubble structure with the key graphic call out of the design being the small little cartoon bones across the watch face. This bad boy will be on display at Sneakercon Melbourne this weekend so if you are in town make sure to come on by, check them out and say whats up!


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