Venom Fastbreak

Hi everyone! It has been a minute but I am back with a new custom today. The Venom theme was something I originally create as part of a Spiderman 3 pack and one that I have wanted to bring back to do again ever since.

The design features a 4 grey fade Carnage print as the signature pattern on the lateral side as well as a red fade on the tongue. This is then contrasted against a Chrome Star Chevron and heel counter which has a Symbiote inspired print. The print on the heel is meant to represent the transition into the character of Venom but was so much fun to paint I think I will use it a lot more often moving forward.

Finally there is the iconic web print on the back and the famous Venom logo, finished off with some additional red highlight panels. I am so stoked with how these came out, I feel like I took a few small risks with paneling on this design but once they are all put together I think it really paid off. Hope you guys like them as much as I do!

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