Sekure D x Anna Polyviou x Family Food Fight

Hi everyone! Tonight I can finally show you a project I have been sitting on for a while as it has gone live on TV this evening. For the second time I have teamed up with the homie and incredible chef Anna Polyviou on a pair of custom sneakers, this time around we celebrate the Season 1 finale of Family Food Fight on Channel 9.

The idea was to create a pair of shoes that speak to who Anna is, so clearly they are bright and fun using some of her favorite colors. I really like the blocking of this custom, the idea was to cover the entire front of the sneaker in a mono pink graffiti print and ignore the typical panel structure of having the top of the toe box contrast the front 101 panel.

The promo art for the show featured a black background and a pink explosion of color behind the shows Logo which is what we went for on the heel with a bit more of a graffiti twist. Last but not least we added Annas signature Mohawk logo to the front in a contrasting white and a drop shadow on the middle panel for a bit of extra depth. I am really stoked with how these came out and will try to get some screenshots from tonight’s episode to include, congratulations again Anna, thanks for making me a part of the event!

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