Sneakercon Melbourne – Ace of Customs

What’s happening everyone? This weekend was the second ever Sneakercon in Melbourne and I ventured down to check it out and be the 1 of the guest judges for the Ace of Customs event. I have to say, I got there 15 mins before the start time and I was blown away by the size of the line and crowd to get in. There was at least 1,500 people out the front waiting for the doors to open which was amazing to see.

Because of the connection this event has to Youtube the youth were out in force and it was definitely notable how young the average age was, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t cash being thrown around though! I don’t know where these kids get their $ but I definitely wasn’t throwing around a few thousand at age 13-16 on sneakers, I made $10 as a janitor in a bakery then and that was barely CD money haha.

This was also the first time that there was an Ace of Customs event and it was great to see the guys do their thing. Competing in the event were RXN3.0, c_stack1, and elsneakerhefe, all of which had 6 hours to throw down and create a pair of customs from start to finish. The theme and event was supported by G-Shock/Casio and their 35th anniversary and all 3 competitors did a great job bringing the theme to life. I wont give away who won now, you will have to wait for the episode to go live! As soon as it is I will post it up and you can all enjoy/laugh at me on camera! The to Will from Sneakercon, everyone at Ace of Customs and all the OGs I was able to catch up with yesterday, was a great event and a fun day out.

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