Dekade Release information

Whats happening everyone? Thanks for hanging in there waiting for the info, the wait is over and this is how the release is going to go down!

First things first and SURPRISE! Not only do we have the White Dekade High but also an Oreo colorway makes its debut as well as two Low cuts! I told you I still had a few things up my sleeve.

So, onto the important info, the Sekure D ‘Dekade’ (Family and Friends edition) in collaboration with Rooy will release exclusively in Australia via at 10am this Saturday, local Melbourne time.

This is a limited run of Family and Friends editions that will feature custom Lace Locks by our friends at LaceSpace and a signed certificate of purchase from Sekure D which will be individually numbered.

The sneakers will price at $95usd for the lows and $110usd for the highs, and will be shipped directly out of Melbourne.

If you are overseas and the family and friends edition sells out don’t worry, there will be additional Dekade stock for our US based friends via

Make sure to drop in and check them out!

Cheers everyone!

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