Recently as you all know I was invited to Hong Kong to take part in the Sneakerholics Exhibition at East Point City, it was a great trip and an amazing exhibition (recap here). I did a lot of press over two days for the event but the biggest piece just went up today, a cover … Continue reading

Codename Unknown 5″ Dunny release date May 13th


What’s happening everyone? It is with great excitement I can announce that my Kidrobot Collaboration “Codename Unknown” 5″ Dunny will be releasing Friday, May 13th. This is the first ever 5″ Dunny for Kidrobot and my first KR collaboration so I am really excited for these bad boys to come out. I will have a … Continue reading

LVL UP NOW, my new sock label!


What’s happening guys? Very exciting news today and that is the launch of my new sock label LVL UP NOW. We are dedicated to designing socks that upgrade a sneakerheads outfit and make you feel like you are standing out, even if you are in your suit at work. The focus is to create a premium range … Continue reading

GET EXCITED! Pork Russel releases this Thursday


“Pork Russel’, a toy conceived through a love of Big Trouble in Little China sees the star of the movie, Jack Burton morphed with his beloved trucks nickname, The Pork Chop Express. Produced in a run of only 30 units and debuted at Singapore, Toy, Game and Comic Convention he is finally getting his official … Continue reading

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