Colossus Air Force 1

I was excited to see Colossus included in the new Deadpool movie and found the time to create him an Air Force 1 custom in the X-Men series I have just wrapped up. The features with Colossus are pretty straight forward. I used my robot arm pattern to represent his chrome body and then th … Continue reading

Custom Cyclops Air Force 1

I always feel like Cyclops got a bad wrap in the X-Men movies, he really isn’t as whiny and annoying in the comics, actually often he is way more badass and his character in the cartoon was pretty rad as well. This is the third custom in my Air Force 1 x X-Men series and … Continue reading

Wolverine Air Force 1

Happy New Year everyone! Kicking it off with these Wolverine customs on maybe the best ever silhouette to paint the Air Force 1. The inspiration for this custom was the famous Wolverine X-Men costume and then bringing in some chrome on the swoosh and the rips to represent his famous claws. I like these because … Continue reading

Bogut Force 1

By now if you don’t already know the Golden State Warriors won the NBA Championship then you must be living under a rock. Andrew Bogut returned to Australia this week for a media event at Foot Locker Swanston Street and I was lucky enough to be invited down by the Foot Locker crew and to make a … Continue reading

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