Codename Homer Kidrobot MUNNY

Hey guys! Been a little while since I dropped a new custom toy but today I have finished a little something I have wanted to make for a while, his name is Codename Homer! One of my favorite Simpsons episodes ever is when Homer gets institutionalized after Bart throws his red hat into the wash … Continue reading

Kidrobot Mega MUNNY custom Fagalarama

It has been a little while since I did a custom Mega MUNNY but they are always a lot of fun. They take a long time and I feel like they become part of the furniture in the studio before they are finished. Well, I sent this big bad boy off today so it was … Continue reading

Dunny and Micro MUNNY series for STGCC

Hi guys! I am off to STGCC in a week so its time to show you a few more things I have made for the event. First up is two blind box series, both the Micro MUNNY and Dunny series are of 3″scale and have 4 pieces in total. The Dunny series has a range … Continue reading

Sekure D x Kidrobot Codename Unknown Army release

It is no secret to anybody that I am a collector of toys, without getting too in depth a big part of my career to date is based around holding onto the values and memories of my childhood and retaining the love of the things I had and wanting to be a part of making … Continue reading

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