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Recently as you all know I was invited to Hong Kong to take part in the Sneakerholics Exhibition at East Point City, it was a great trip and an amazing exhibition (recap here). I did a lot of press over two days for the event but the biggest piece just went up today, a cover … Continue reading


Sekure D x Sam Mitchell x Puma

I have teamed up again to create a pair of boots for one of the best players in the AFL. Sam Mitchell of Hawthorn Football club plays his 300th game this week and I designed a boot to present him to commemorate this achievement. The colorway of the boots is centered around their Alternate jersey … Continue reading


East Point City Exhibition in Hong Kong

Hi guys! For the last month I have been working really hard on getting ready for the Sneakerholics exhibition at East Point City in Hong Kong. I was invited to travel over for the event and take part in the opening ceremony which was great. As you can see, about 20 pairs of my sneakers … Continue reading


Roctopus Resin Figure

What do you get when you combine an alive stack of rocks and some octopus tentacles? A ‘Roctopus’ apparently…. This is the first run of a new sculpt I just finished, created and cast by myself. Are they perfect? Nope. Are there bubbles? A couple. Did I at least paint them myself? You can bet … Continue reading

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