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Rocktopus Shadow Edition

Hi guys! As promised I am back and with a second run of Rocktopus Resin figures. This Shadow edition has a limited run of just 3 and the last run sold out quick so make sure you hit up the store on release to make sure you don’t miss out. Are they perfect? Nope. Are … Continue reading


Website crashed, Dunny AP release rescheduled to tomorrow

Hi everyone, I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience today, I assure you I read every message and email. Unfortunately when I logged in to release the Dunnys my host kept on crashing and I have only been able to fix it this evening. To make it fair the Dunnys will release tomorrow but at … Continue reading


Sekure D Kidrobot Dunny AP release

Hi guys! I have had a lot of questions about my Dunny APs and they are finally here. To me the perfect AP enhances the original design without detracting from it so that is what I set out to do with these. I added my speckle detail to the eyes and ears, my Carnage print … Continue reading



Recently as you all know I was invited to Hong Kong to take part in the Sneakerholics Exhibition at East Point City, it was a great trip and an amazing exhibition (recap here). I did a lot of press over two days for the event but the biggest piece just went up today, a cover … Continue reading


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