Is the paint on the shoes durable?

The shoes are painted using top quality materials and therefore under normal conditions they will be wearable without having any negative effects on their quality. That being said activities such as going to nightclubs, hunting clowns in your nightmares or playing basketball and other sports do not fall under the category of normal conditions. It is important to remember that customized sneakers are a work of art and should be treated as such.

How do I go about getting your shoes?

Items that are currently available are listed in the Sekure D store. Some designs can be replicated but the majority of works in the gallery will remain 1 off’s unless otherwise specified.

Another option for purchase is personalized customs, this option is only available upon request and dependent on the current workload undertaken by Sekure D. Prices and availability varies.

How long will it take for shoes to be customized?
Typically a pair of shoes can be finished within a month of sourcing the base shoe. However the time taken depends on the detail of the design, whether or not inspirational material for the design is supplied and also the size of the current workload.

Do I supply the shoes to be customized?
Ideally yes if possible.

Do you make anything else besides custom sneakers?
In the past Sekure D has also been part of creating legal street art, graffiti murals, skateboard decks, CD Covers and T-shirts so the answer is yes, if any information is required about any of these other fields please use the contact link to find out more.

Price varies depending on how labor intensive the job is and the materials required in its production.

Postage and Delivery
Shipping is to be paid for by the customer and the cost varies depending on location. Sneakers are sent double boxed via Express post which is fully traceable.

Alternative cheaper shipping options are possible upon request.

Sekure D is based in Melbourne Australia. Please contact info@sekured.comto arrange order details before shipping any stock.

1. Direct Bank Transfer
2. PayPal (preferred)

Are you really a robot?

Not yet


If there is any other questions or inquiries please feel free to contact me and ask.

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