Battle of the Mascots: Old Vs New

Battle of the Mascots Old Vs New

It’s almost time for the second Battle of the Mascots  to go down and its already blowing up! We have an insane lineup or artists transforming the way people thing about the Bot as a platform for art all while heavily representing their team! The Battle is this time is the 10 old battle members doing war again 10 newcomers who are trying to steal the throne! The teams are as follows.

NEW: JAR , Color Chemist , Nugglife, RunDMB, Charles Rodriguez,  MaloApril, Squink!, Wheelbarrow, El Hooligan and Stuart Witter

OLD: Sekure D, Matcandraw, Hugh Rose, Fuller, Alex Break, Don P, Nikejerk, Loz Hausofboz, JFury and Jc Rivera

The Blind Boxes (2 from each participant as well as 10 chases so 50 in total) will be available from HERE on November 21st, 5pm NYC, 7am Melbourne, 11pm Netherlands. See you there!

For all the entries to the battle please check the blog here

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