Some highlights of 2012

Ok guys I was not going to do this but I thought it would be a cool idea and a fun way to recap my 2012. These are some of my favourite custom pieces from the year! Big thankyou to everyone who has purchased from me and supported my work, I am loving the direction my style is going and the pieces I am currently making so cannot wait for 2013 to get even bigger!

Codename Paw Raw
Kid Toxic Crusader
Kid Barnacle
Fantastic Jouwe Thing
Kid Batman, bring it on
Kid Strange
Swamp Thing 7" Custom Munny
Remix Dunny Series JPK Apocalypse
Remix Dunny Series JPK 2012
Remix Dunny Series Beast Brothers Azteca II
Remix Dunny series, Ryniak
Remix Series 1 Dunny
Remix Dunny Series RSIN Agent K

Cosentino Dunk High
Air Jordan 'Comedian' VI
Dr Manhattan
Nike Bureau Magazine AF1
Air Jordan 'Rorschach' IV

Thanks again for your time and support everyone, now back to the studio, I have a Paw, SuperSize Me, Tequila, 10 Dunnys, 4 Munnys, 3 pairs of Jordans and some Dunks to paint!

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