Ozymandias Air Jordan VII

OzymandiasAir Jordan VII

The Watchmen x Jordan Brand custom capsule is back!!!!  Now that I have returned from my USA tour and am back into the swing of painting I am able to bring you latest custom for my Watchmen Series which is based on none other than Ozymandias! As you might have noticed already I am now just over half way through my Watchmen series and I’m really proud of how it is turning out. The Jordan VII provided the perfect silhouette for an Ozymandias custom due to its structure and panelling meaning that I was able to strongly represent the characters uniform and disguise without having to break too many panel conventions.
OzymandiasAir Jordan VII

The main alteration to the custom outside of the fact its a total repaint is the removal of the Olympic heel feature to be replaced with Ozymandias’ eye detail that adorns his neck piece on the uniform. To also tie in more details significant to Oz the left shoe features the Pyramid Transnational company logo and the Veidt Enterprises logo is on the heel of the right shoe. The sneakers also feature my signature fade pattern throughout the majority of the design as well as painted midsole detail and a metallic purple upper panel to break up and contrast the boldness of the gold.

Ozymandias Air Jordan VII
Ozymandias Air Jordan VII
Ozymandias Air Jordan VII

These will be available for a limited time and in a limited quantity from my site and then I will move onto making a pair for the Silk Spectre, Night Owl and finish off the series with a bomb the mystery pair which I absolutely cannot wait to paint!


Available exclusively through SekureD.com


New York: 4pm Friday 4th Jan

Melbourne: 8am Saturday 5th Jan

Price: $525USD Shipped

If you missed any of the other custom Watchmen Series which is now sold out here is a bit of a recap!


Dr Manhattan


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