Tiffiti Jordan IV

Jordan TIFFiti IV

I got another custom Jordan today and it is named the ‘TIFFiti’ quite obviously because of the colorway and the design. The prerequisite for this job was heavy use of the Tiffany box which obviously contrasts quite heavily with the base red. In order to try and pull it all together and make it work I added the graffiti and carnage prints in a greyscale to help tone it down but still keep it detailed. I am actually pretty happy with how these turned out, the color-scale in the Carnage print looks sweet I think I will have to do that a bit more moving forward. Hope you guys like them as well!

Jordan TIFFiti IV
Jordan TIFFiti IV
Jordan TIFFiti IV

2 thoughts on “Tiffiti Jordan IV

  1. Hey Sekure,

    Dope shoe. Can you please tell me how I can order it? This shoe is AmAzing!!!!!

    1. Hi Tiffany please email me at info@sekured.com and we will try sort it out. Cheers!!

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