GET EXCITED! Pork Russel releases this Thursday

Pork Russel (3)

“Pork Russel’, a toy conceived through a love of Big Trouble in Little China sees the star of the movie, Jack Burton morphed with his beloved trucks nickname, The Pork Chop Express.

Produced in a run of only 30 units and debuted at Singapore, Toy, Game and Comic Convention he is finally getting his official online release. Pork is the brainchild of Sekure D (Australia) and Jeremy Tanavit (Singapore) and marks the beginning of a series of cinema inspired collaborations.

Pork Russel (4)Pork Russel (5)

The figure itself is resin and stands 20cms (7.8inches) featuring Pork in his signature Jack Burton outfit with the Pork Chop Express Logo on his chest. Pork Russel will be available for $140usd this Thursday via the Sekure D webstore, also, every Pork Russel comes with a small mystery gift inside the box.

Specific release times are below:

MELBOURNE: Thursday November 5th 1pm
NEW YORK: Wednesday November 4th 9pm
SINGAPORE: Thursday November 5th 10am

Thanks everyone!!!!

Pork Russel (1)

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