Remix Dunny Series 1 Release info

Remix Dunny Series RSIN Agent K

Its the start of 2013 and I have decided to kick it off with a bang! Up first is my brand new Dunny Remix Series 1! I have taken the opportunity to reinterpret some of the coolest Dunnys from the last few years and put my Codename Unknown style ontop of them. If this series sells out I will definitely do a sequel but I also want to do a whole series of Blobs so there is plenty on my mind I just have to see how it all goes! This remix features the RSIN Agent K , JPK 2012, JPK Apocalypse, Ryniak Apocalypse, Beast Brothers and Marka27 Azteca II Dunnys. Each Remix Dunny also comes in an original and branded Chinese Take Away container package.

The release information is as follows:

6Blind Boxes
$90USD shipped
(remember I am from Australia…. If someone wants to invent economically feasible teleportation soon that would be just fantastic)

New York: 5pm Thursday 3rd Jan
Melbourne: 9am Friday 4th Jan
Sekure D Webstore
Remix Dunny Series JPK Apocalypse
Remix Dunny Series JPK 2012
Remix Dunny Series Beast Brothers Azteca II
Remix Dunny series, Ryniak
Remix Series 1 Dunny

Remix Series Box

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